Harder Kulm Hike

Harder Kulm is the tallest peak in the region around Interlaken, and the summit of this imposing peak offers the most stunning views of the surrounding area. From the top you can see Interlaken’s two famous lakes: Lake Thun and Lake Brienz connected with its beautiful Two Lakes Bridge. You also get a truly mesmerizing view of the peaks of Jungfrau, Mönch and Eiger. The view is absolutely splendid particularly in the evenings when the setting sun covers the three peaks in a fiery red glow.

The Harder Kulm Hike involves trekking up or down a relatively short but quite steep trail. But the effort is totally worth it as you can enjoy amazing views of the city below and it just gets better as you climb higher.

The Harder Kulm Hiking trail is about 5km with an elevation of 2202 feet, offering two hiking trails that lead to the summit of Harder Kulm. One is the loop trail from Interlaken OST and the other trailhead is the less popular one from Unterseen. The difficulty level of the Hike is categorized as Hard due to the elevation level gained in such a short hike. After the short but steep hike you can rest and enjoy some delicious refreshments at the Panorama Restaurant in Harder Kulm while you take in the views.

Highlights of Harder Kulm Hike

  • Once you start the Hike every step will take you closer to seeing a panoramic view of the Harder Kulm's picturesque landfall from the lake Thun to the azure lake Brienz.

  • One of the major highlights of Harder Kulm Hike is the Alpine animal park that is near the valley station of harder cable cars.

  • Near the Interlaken is a legendary rock that has the face of a man engraved on it, and it has been the base of many myths and legends.

  • The best time to be on the Harder Kulm is during sunsets when the surrounding snow capped Mountains are covered in a pinkish glow from the slowly setting sun.

  • One of the must visits of this trek is the footbridge that joins the two famous lakes of Harder Kulm, namely the Thun and the Brienz, it is close to the palatial restaurant at Harder Kulm that serves traditional Swedish cuisine.

Know Before You Go For Harder Kulm Hike

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  • Distance of the hike: The Harder Kulm Hike covers a total distance of 8.2 km or 5.1 miles.
  • Duration of the hike: This Hike usually takes four hours to complete and accounts as one of the hardest hikes of Switzerland.
  • Elevation of the Hike: The first half of Harder Kulm Hike is at the elevation of 773 meters, the peak sits at approximately 1,321 meters and provides a breathtaking view of many picturesque sites.
  • Difficulty of the Hike: Due to the elevation gained in this short hike the Harder Kulm hike is grouped as moderately challenging to hard.
  • Starting point of the Trek: The starting point of the Harder Kulm hike is at the Interlaken - OST station.

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Tips For Harder Kulm Hike

  • The Harder Kulm Hike is at an elevation of 773 Meters and it is highly advisable to wear sunglasses to avoid the sun's glare.
  • You will be given special discounts if you have a Swiss Travel pass with you.
  • It is recommended to take water with you as the trek is very demanding and the water will help you stay hydrated.
  • You must wear proper trekking shoes which are supportive and comfortable for the trek as there are many roots, rocks and pebbles that might roll or hurt your feet.
  • Always check the weather for the day you are planning the hike.
  • Wear clothes that suit the weather during your visit.

FAQs For Harder Kulm Hike

What is the best time to do the Harder Kulm hike?

    It is best to keep the climatic conditions of the day in mind when booking your trek. The best time for you to do the Harder Kulm trek is between June and August as the weather during this time is truly perfect for the trek. The best time during the day, however, would be in the evenings as sunset between the snow capped mountains offers the most incredible views.

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